Bingli, the smart medical interview for a better consultation

Bingli asks smart questions prior to your doctors visit to ensure your consultation is better prepared and time-saving


Provide your medical history

Bingli will collect your medical history in a personal and secured file, which you simply have to keep up to date.

List your symptoms and answer the questions

When you make an appointment with your GP, Bingli will ask you a set of specific questions regarding your current complaints, immediately forwarding all information to your GP.

Be fully prepared for your appointment

As a result, both you and your GP will be fully prepared for your appointment and you will feel confident answering any further questions your GP may have.

Bingli is based on the medical community’s expert knowledge.

Thanks to the medical community’s expertise, Bingli knows exactly which questions to ask. This will not only help prepare you for your appointment, but also provides your doctor with the info he/she needs in order to make the right diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Become a Bingli partner

Bingli has developed a platform to enhance communication between GPs and patients. We are firm believers in interoperability; by collaborating with the right partners we can improve life for patients and GPs, as well as the quality of health care. 

If you have an application that is compatible with our platform, feel free to contact us.
Our platform is cloud-based and universal.