digital anamnesis

With Bingli’s digital anamnesis,  you can enjoy the benefits of an appointment with a better prepared patient, who has provided you with full and accurate information. 

How does it work?

Digital medical history

When patients make an appointment, Bingli immediately asks them about their complaints, which patients are also asked to quantify if relevant, upon which a number of additional questions will be asked.

Complaints and expectations

Bingli also always inquires about patients’ ideas, concerns and expectations (ice), providing your consultations with an additional sense of direction.

Up-to-date medical records

Bingli keeps a record of your patients’ past medical history, as well as of the complaints and diagnoses discussed at each consultation, providing you with up-to-date medical records for all of your patients.

Precoded data

All patient data, including past medical history and current anamnestic details, are precoded for you by Bingli, which enables you to spend more time on your patients.

Feedback on diagnoses

Bingli is a unique, self-learning platform, which continues to optimise diagnoses based on your feedback.
Bingli takes all possible arguments into account (both patients’ symptoms and their medical history) to establish a differential diagnosis. Thanks to the medical records of thousands of patients and feedback from countless doctors/GPs, Bingli is highly predictive, which enables it to provide a medically sound digital anamnesis that can support you in providing your patients with the best possible care.

Cloud based

Launched with a single click, without installation. Bingli is cloud based and is updated automatically. Security and privacy are guaranteed.