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Bingli, the digital anamnesis

Bingli can ask between 60 and 100% of the medical questions in advance, which leads to a better and more qualitative consultation.

How does Bingli work?

Depending on the reason for the visit, the Bingli chatbot can ask between 60 and 100% of medical questions in advance.


Fully dynamic anamnesis for patients presenting with new complaints.

When making an appointment, Bingli asks patients to detail their complaints, after which a number of additional questions, generated by our intelligent algorithms, are asked.

(Semi)-structured questionnaires

e.g., check-ups, screening, …

Bingli has several advantages:

Better information

Patients have time to think and will provide better (i.e., more complete and accurate) information.

Saving considerable time

All patient information is made available in a structured way, saving considerable time.

Saving even more time

All information can be easily imported to your medical record, saving even more time.

Precoded data

All patient data, including past medical history and current anamnestic details, are precoded for you by Bingli, which enables you to spend more time on your patients. You also have access to high-quality data that will help you manage and improve your clinical practice.

Feedback on diagnosis

Bingli is a unique, self-learning platform that continues to optimise diagnoses based on your feedback. Bingli takes all possible arguments into account (both patients’ symptoms and their medical history) to establish a differential diagnosis. Thanks to the medical records of thousands of patients and feedback from countless doctors/GPs, Bingli is highly predictive. This enables Bingli to provide a medically sound digital anamnesis that can support you in providing your patients with the best possible care.


Launched with a single click and without installation, Bingli is completely cloud-based and updates are run automatically. The highest standards of security and privacy are guaranteed.

Discover the possibilities of Bingli for your practice