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Bingli offers solutions to improve the interaction between patients and hospitals.

This increases patient satisfaction, hospital efficacy and, in turn, ROI.

How does Bingli work?

Bingli offers tailored solutions for several departments. Bingli not only increases efficacy while lowering labour cost, it also improves communication with and services to the patient.

Pre-operative questionnaires:

Bingli provides a digital questionnaire that the patient can complete at home. The questionnaire has been augmented with intelligence (questions are tailored based on earlier responses), additional patient information and automated flow management (e.g., anticoagulant therapy, latex allergy, etc.), so patients are accompanied throughout the full pre-operative journey. Doctors and staff can monitor the process remotely and intervene when necessary.

Emergency services:

Bingli takes the digital anamnesis when patients are in the waiting room. Bingli prepares and structures the information for the physician, making the consultation more effective and qualitative. Bingli can also help with the triage of patients.

Triage for consultations:

Bingli can help direct patients to the right specialist.


Thanks to its solution for specialists, Bingli can improve referrals, reduce wait times and gain up to four minutes per consultation.

Discover the possibilities of Bingli for your hospital